Tame Impala Concert at White Oak Music Hall

When I was told Tame Impala was coming to Houston to play the White Oak lawn, I got dizzy. Months ago in that LA tiki bar, trying not to pass out from excitement, we hatched a plan to get me out to shoot it. What a way to kick off an extended stay in Houston. Thanks to White Oak Music Hall for bringing me out.

Cigarettes After Sex Concert at The Wiltern

Cigarettes After Sex serenaded and seduced fans at The Wiltern Thursday night. The sultry, ambient pop band originally from El Paso, Texas are just beginning their headlining tour supporting Cry, set for release October 25. If you missed their sold out LA show, they’ve got dates all over the globe through early April.

The evening began with a screening of “You’re the Only Good Thing in My Life,” a short film from the band. The “short film” consisted almost entirely of a single animated shot of a beach front in the rain with melodic piano playing over the silently crashing waves. After roughly five minutes, simple phrases began to appear over the unmoving clouds, each on display for no more than 30 seconds. The first said “you only fuck for love” and continued with countless others like “love is always strange when it just starts,” “you told me you could never get enough,” and finally the apt “you make me think of storms on the beach.” These fragments felt like shards of memories you cling to from exchanges with a lover. However, the exceedingly dull film pushed the crowd from excited anticipation to restlessness to pure annoyance. “We’re being played, bad,” said one patron about 15 minutes into the short. A large group cheered as they made free throws of beer cans into the trash. The rest of the concert-goers settled on simply talking over the accompanying piano. After 30 minutes, we finally caught a glimpse of a coastal sunset over the shoulder of a blonde women; the words “you’re the only good thing in my life” gracing the screen.

At long last, the light from the projector dimmed and the dreamy set began. “Opera House” opened the show laying the noir ambience on thick. The tempo and mood lightened with “Crush”. New songs off Cry such as “Falling in Love” and lead single “Heavenly” blended the carnal subtlety of their debut self titled album with a warmer palette. During the chorus of songs like “Each Time You Fall in Love” and “Keep On Loving You” (an REO Speedwagon cover) short vignettes appeared on the screen. A house up in flames, a close up of a woman with tears rolling down her cheeks, and (what I’m almost positive was) a clip from the 1991 film from Krzysztof Kieślowski, The Double Life of Véronique. The irony of the inclusion of a moment from a film I studied as part of my thesis and later bonded over with an past lover is not lost on me. Gonzalez’s tender, androgynous vocals paired with the echoing guitar generate a nostalgic kind of melancholy, like listening to songs only through your memories of hearing them. Simply, Cigarettes After Sex is music of the memories of lovers.

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CRSSD Music Festival

What better reason to visit San Diego for the very first time than to shoot a festival? Super stoked the kind folks of CRSSD had me out. It was a damn good time.

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The Greeting Committee Concert at The Mayan

Kansas City based The Greeting Committee primed the crowd for Bombay Bicycle Club. They gave more energy than I’ve seen out of any opening act, and that energy was certainly reciprocated from the rapidly filling crowd. The live performance among the young the musicians on stage was tight technically and theatrically.

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Bombay Bicycle Club Concert at The Mayan

Bombay Bicycle Club (named after a defunct chain of Indian restaurants in North London) reunited with devoted fans at The Mayan Thursday night. In January 2016, the band announced an indefinite hiatus, citing that "after ten years of doing this we thought it was time for all of us to try something else,” with many members going on to record solo material. Exactly a year after announcing the end of that hiatus, Bombay Bicycle Club are set to release their fifth album, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong, on January 17, 2020. They’ve been in LA recording the new tracks for the last couple weeks.

The set appeased a crowd that hadn’t heard their favorite songs live in numerous years. They opened with “Emergency Contraception Blues” off their debut record. Tracks off the esteemed So Long, See You Tomorrow, released in 2014, included “Overdone,” “It’s Alright Now,” “Feel,” “Luna,” and “Home By Now.” 2011’s A Different Kind of Fix also had its time to shine with “Shuffle,” “Your Eyes,” and “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep.” Bodies sloshed when the crunchy bass line of their debut single from 2008 “Evening/Morning” dropped, and the tension the musicians built by waiting (and waiting and waiting) to bring the melody back before the outro riled the concert-goers up even more. The crowd screamed the lyrics of their newest track, the euphorically anthemic “Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You),” back at the obviously joyous musicians. A handful of other tracks of the upcoming release were also played, including the titular track “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong.” A full blown dance party ensued during “It’s Always Like This” before the encore of “Carry Me.” Considering the ample time that has passed since their last tour, Bombay Bicycle Club have not missed a beat. And I’d say they agree; they noted on more than one occasion, “this is the greatest show ever.”

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Barrie Concert at Teragram Ballroom

From the moment I heard “Tal Uno” I was hooked on Barrie (seriously, who doesn’t love a beautiful breakup song). And you should be, too. Their debut LP Happy To Be Here is really, really good.

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Tycho Concert at The Greek Theatre

What’s there to say here? I got to shoot one of my favorite bands (Tycho) at an iconic Los Angeles venue (The Greek) for the first night of their newest album’s (Weather) world tour. Endless gratitude…

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Weyes Blood Concert at The Fonda

Weyes Blood submerged concert goers in a warm pool of psychedelic folk rock at The Fonda Wednesday night. Natalie Mering, who has performed under various iterations of the moniker “Wise Blood” since she was 15, spun intricate and precise ballads that swelled and filled the entire venue. The grand arrangements felt nostalgic and sentimental, glimmering through an anachronistic filter. Blankets of smoke clinging to the stage, trippy oil splotches being projected on the screen behind the band, and the faint whirr of chirping crickets between songs lent a dream-like vibe to the entire set. The California native mentioned this show was particularly special to her as her mom and dog were in attendance.

In support of their latest release, Titanic Rising, Weyes Blood will spend the beginning of this fall touring the states before hopping across the pond for a European stint lasting through November.

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