CreativeMornings Houston | Symmetry

Bare with me while I interrupt your normally schedule programming.

This February I had the immense honor and privilege to share my story with the CreativeMornings Houston community; a goal of mine since I went to my first CreativeMornings event over three years ago. I’ve spent countless Friday mornings listening and learning from a vast range of creatives, and every time I’ve left with a renewed sense of creative purpose. In my talk, I tried my best to impart that same feeling on the 80+ people that came to hang out. The video of my talk is below, so if you couldn’t make it you can still tune in to my talk about that month’s global theme, symmetry.

If you’ve never been to a CreativeMornings event, I can’t urge you enough to change that! There are chapters in cities worldwide (and there’s free food at each meeting), so find yours and dive in.