Flaming Lips Concert at Revention Music Center

I almost didn't go to this Flaming Lips concert. See, I didn't think it'd be able to touch the experience I had a couple summers ago at a party at Wayne Coyne's psychedelic art center (or triptastic adult day care as it felt to me that night), The Womb. There also happened to be a myriad of other concerts I wanted to see/shoot the same night. But pros and cons lists seem to never steer me wrong, and the one I made to figure out what concert to shoot that night didn't upset the trend.

This was, without even a flicker of doubt, the most fun I've ever had shooting music. Hell, probably the most fun I've had shooting anything ever. You know your live experience is boiling over with love and joy when even the security guards in the pit can't help but smile and bop balloons. Remember that drowning-in-happiness feeling you got as a little kid the first time you jumped into a ball pit? This set felt like that.

I could list all the crazy shit Flaming Lips did during their set (and there was A LOT of crazy shit), but I think the pictures below speak volumes. Click 'em to see 'em big.