Night Drive Album Release Concert at The Secret Group

"Inspired by sci-fi cinematic landscapes, Night Drive creates modern synth-pop that explores the darker currents of abstract emotion."

I'm not sure I've read a description of a band that so aptly describes it (hell, the origin story of Night Drive could be the plot of a movie in and of itself). I'm also not sure how long I've been listening to Night Drive (a year, maybe two, perhaps more). My experience with their music is the kind where you know all the lyrics to your favorites, but when you hear those songs you still ask, "who is this again?"

It's because of this vague relationship with Night Drive that I went into their album release show void of expectations. Although, even if I'd set the bar high I have no doubt they would've surpassed it. The energy in that room was kinetic and tangible, supplied by the guys on stage (and off as vocalist Rodney Connell made a jaunt through the crowd at one point). And - don't take my word for it - I heard this was their first show with a drummer; a bold move that paid off. It's not often you see grown-ass Houstonians dance as hard as that crowd.

I can safely say I'll never have to ask who plays their songs when I hear them again. Mostly because their live performance was that solid, but also because I've got their newly released self-titled debut album on loop.

Check out my shots from the Night Drive album release concert presented by Margin Walker at The Secret Group below. Click them to see them big and on black.