Exchange LA

Com Truise Concert at Exchange LA

If you live in Los Angeles and weren't at the Com Truise concert at Exchange LA Saturday night, I am so sorry. The set list: a perfect blend of songs off all three releases. The visuals: stunning and in line with the vivid, but simplistic design of Com Truise's album artwork. The crowd: so damn happy and kind (sadly, not always the case).

For me, listening to Com Truise is pure time travel. At the first synths I'm rocketed back to a balcony in the suburbs of Houston. It's the summer of 2012. I'm sticky with that glorious humidity-induced sweat layer and my mind is a mile above my brain. The only concerns among my best friends and I is whether or not to go for a swim and where to procure some donuts. It was such a joy to revisit that time with Com Truise last weekend.

Click the photos to scroll through them large. To see more of Com Truise (circa Day for Night 2015), click here.