Built to Spill Concert at White Oak Music Hall

It’s been a long damn time since the last time I saw/shot Built to Spill. And it’s been a long damn time since I shot downstairs at White Oak Music Hall. I’m glad the first night of my current stint in Houston remedied both of those.

Shot for White Oak Music Hall. Click the photos to scroll through them full size.

CHVRCHES Concert at White Oak Music Hall

It was humid. There were bugs. It was fucking magical. It was a White Oak Music Hall lawn show and it felt like coming home. I had such a lovely time shooting CHVRCHES (in an ALL GIRL PIT!) during my time back in Houston. As always, thanks to the Pegstar and White Oak homies for having me out time and time again.

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CreativeMornings Houston | Symmetry

Bare with me while I interrupt your normally schedule programming.

This February I had the immense honor and privilege to share my story with the CreativeMornings Houston community; a goal of mine since I went to my first CreativeMornings event over three years ago. I’ve spent countless Friday mornings listening and learning from a vast range of creatives, and every time I’ve left with a renewed sense of creative purpose. In my talk, I tried my best to impart that same feeling on the 80+ people that came to hang out. The video of my talk is below, so if you couldn’t make it you can still tune in to my talk about that month’s global theme, symmetry.

If you’ve never been to a CreativeMornings event, I can’t urge you enough to change that! There are chapters in cities worldwide (and there’s free food at each meeting), so find yours and dive in.

Night Drive Concert at The Fonda

It’s always a treat when a familiar sight and sound from my hometown of Houston comes to play in LA. Such was the case when Night Drive played at The Fonda with Ladytron for a couple nights.

Click the photos to scroll through them big. To see more of my work with Night Drive click here.

2018 in Review | 3D Gifs

I started 2018 with a new toy. And we played, a lot. So here are my favorite 3D gifs/wigglegrams/stereoscopic images I made last year.

From covering my roommate in milk to him covering me in silly string. From Astroworld Festival to Desert Daze to Air + Style. I can’t wait to see where this weird shit takes me this year.

Head here to see more. If you’re interested in getting a lenticular print of any of these images, hit me up here.

Khruangbin Concert at Proof Rooftop Lounge

Every concert I get the opportunity to shoot is an absolute honor. I've been doing this a couple years now, and there are still moments in every set that it hits me just how lucky I am to be doing something that ignites passion and gratitude and amazement in my soul. But there were a few more things that made shooting last night's hometown show for Khruangbin even more special.

It was my last concert to shoot in Houston for the foreseeable future. This big city has cradled me and grown to feel cozier than I could have ever imagined possible. But tomorrow I head west for Los Angeles; a new big city of hopes and goals and fears and artists to shoot and lessons to learn and new faces to meet and grow familiar with. I'm not saying this is my last Houston concert shoot ever, but it feels more like graduating than either of my actual graduations ever did.

More significantly, the name of one of Khruangbin's albums, The Universe Smiles Upon You, has become a sort of mantra of mine. Over the last few years, I've dedicated myself to practicing positivity and mindfulness. As a natural born pessimist, it's a battle hard fought every moment of every day. It began slowly, a simple reassurance I'd repeat in my mind, and progressed to actually telling people the universe smiles upon them when they were facing hardship and success alike. It snowballed from there. Now I could sit here typing an avalanche of all the ways those words bring me clarity, and it would get weird and spiritual and scientific and philosophical and a lot of other things, so I won't (for now). Just know, the universe smiles upon you.

There are a handful of other reasons this show was so special to me, but let's be real, you came here for the photos (and I really should start packing). I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

To see more of my shots from other Khruangbin sets, click here.

CycleBar Sawyer Heights Influencer Night

While shooting a Young The Giant concert, I was approached by one of the owners of the newest CycleBar location in Sawyer Heights. Next thing I know, I'm in the middle of the loudest, highest energy workout I have ever witnessed. It really felt like being at a concert. It also made me really grateful I was behind my camera and not sweating it out on a bike; this workout looked intense.

It was so great getting a sneak peek at CycleBar and meeting all the incredible instructors and staff. The fitness and lifestyle bloggers in attendance took advantage of photo ops, a shortened (but no less intense) version of a standard class, drinks and snacks, and plenty of time to network and mingle.

CycleBar Sawyer Heights officially opens to the public today, and classes are free all week! You just might see me there (probably wheezing my ass off). Click the icons below to expand the photos I took at their Influencer Night.