Cirque Noir: Gemini at Post HTX

When I saw an advertisement on Facebook for a "dark, mysterious, musical circus experience" (okay, that may not be a direct quote, but it's close), I was immediately intrigued. After a little research and finding out Cirque Noir's next event, Gemini, was taking place at my favorite avant-garde venue in Houston, Post HTX, I knew I had to shoot all the dark whimsy I could.

I say avant-garde because Post HTX is essentially a repurposed warehouse. And by repurposed warehouse I really mean defunct Cold War-era post office equipped with spy tunnels and bomb shelters. Event organizers have utilized the space in such creative ways, filling it with modern art and light installations, that the industrial concrete and pillars have begun to feel cozy.

Anyway, short story made even shorter, I met up with the guys behind Cirque Noir and then stayed up until sunrise shooting their incredible event (and even got to climb around in those spy tunnels). Check out some of my shots below, and try to resist the temptation to run away with the circus...