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Father John Misty Concert at White Oak Music Hall

Not too long ago, I had a dream Josh Tillman of Father John Misty and I were sat outside the darkroom of my Stanford film photography class deep in conversation waiting for our prints to dry. He was dressed in all white, a solid six inches shorter than myself, and never took off his sunglasses. The details of our conversation have dissolved, like most details of dreams.

A couple nights ago I got to spend some more time with Father John Misty and my camera; this time on the White Oak Music Hall lawn. Check out the shots below.

Washed Out Concert at White Oak Music Hall

There were a lot of cool things about shooting the Houston stop of Washed Out's Mister Mellow Tour:

  1. Almost five years ago to the day, I used the song "Feel It All Around" in an admittedly shitty video I made of my friends and myself floating the San Marcos River.
  2. This weekend marked exactly one year of shooting at White Oak Music Hall for Pegstar Concerts and the venue alike.
  3. The visuals projected were dope. Taking from the visual album released alongside the audio album, various forms of animation (including collage, claymation, and real-time projection tracking) made the concert a holistic way to experience Mister Mellow and its themes. 
  4. They sold that mf out!

As always, click 'em to see 'em big and on black.