The Fonda Theatre

Night Drive Concert at The Fonda

It’s always a treat when a familiar sight and sound from my hometown of Houston comes to play in LA. Such was the case when Night Drive played at The Fonda with Ladytron for a couple nights.

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Petit Biscuit Concert at The Fonda

Well into the last leg of the Presence North America tour, Petit Biscuit played the first of two shows at The Fonda in Los Angeles Saturday night. The French Moroccan DJ and producer, Mehdi Benjelloun, had much to celebrate besides the sold out show. Not only was November 10 the one year anniversary of the release of Presence, it also happened to be his 19th birthday. The enthusiastic crowd took every opportunity to remind him, screaming and singing happy birthday at every lull in the music.

Born and raised on a musical diet of cello, piano, and classical music, Benjelloun was groomed for music composition from a very young age. The shift from classical music to light-hearted, downtempo house began at 11 when he got his first computer. At only 15, Benjelloun self-released the smash hit “Sunset Lover”. The self-titled debut EP that followed received critical acclaim deeming Petit Biscuit a wunderkind of French electro. This momentum continued with last year’s release of his LP, Presence, propelling him towards a coveted spot in Coachella’s 2018 lineup.

Petit Biscuit (translating adorably to “little cookie”) is known for incorporating live instrumentation and vocals to chill electronic. This generates a sonic landscape full of atmosphere. His onstage setup consisted of a guitar, launchpad, drum pads, and keyboards between which he rotated crafting each song. It was impossible to watch the set and not be reminded of another young French producer, Madeon. Perhaps not so coincidentally, Madeon was in attendance, taking in the show from a couch on the balcony.

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Rex Orange County Concert at The Fonda

Alexander O'Conner, better known as Rex Orange County, does it all: sings, song-writes, produces, and plays just about every instrument imaginable. And he's not even old enough to drink (legally) in the states. But what else would you expect from a monotone crooner groomed at the same British performing arts school that produced the likes of Adele and King Krule? So maybe it comes as no surprise that Rex Orange County's live show at The Fonda was just as impressive.

A full band complete with strings and horns, a guest appearance by Thea, and plenty of songs performed solo rounded out the set. Oh, and then Randy Newman made an appearance to join O'Conner in "You've Got a Friend in Me," and I'm not sure who was more surprised, O'Conner or the crowd. Don't be quick to assume the show was at all gimmicky, though. The braces-clad concert goers - the street outside the venue looked like a middle school carpool line post-show; parents, lots of parents - screamed back every word and danced their asses off to a show that was very no-frills (the balloon release malfunctioned for the second night in a row). A simple backdrop and some lights were all Rex Orange County needed. 

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