Slow Magic Concert at Fox Theater Pomona

I've said it once and I'll say it again; don't sleep on Slow Magic. Here are photos from his set opening up for ODESZA at the Fox Theater in Pomona. Click the photos to scroll through 'em big and on black. To see other photos I've taken of Slow Magic click here.

Com Truise Concert at Exchange LA

If you live in Los Angeles and weren't at the Com Truise concert at Exchange LA Saturday night, I am so sorry. The set list: a perfect blend of songs off all three releases. The visuals: stunning and in line with the vivid, but simplistic design of Com Truise's album artwork. The crowd: so damn happy and kind (sadly, not always the case).

For me, listening to Com Truise is pure time travel. At the first synths I'm rocketed back to a balcony in the suburbs of Houston. It's the summer of 2012. I'm sticky with that glorious humidity-induced sweat layer and my mind is a mile above my brain. The only concerns among my best friends and I is whether or not to go for a swim and where to procure some donuts. It was such a joy to revisit that time with Com Truise last weekend.

Click the photos to scroll through them large. To see more of Com Truise (circa Day for Night 2015), click here.

Air + Style Festival 2018

Last weekend, LA was treated to Air + Style, the global snowboard and skateboard competition and music festival that features world-class action sports athletes and musicians during a two-day event series with stops around the world including Los Angeles, Australia, and Beijing. 


For the most part, I focused on the music. It's been a long time since I've been to a festival where it's been possible to see every single artist; two stages and no overlap meant no tough decisions on which set to see and which set to miss. The lineup was a stellar blend of musicians I love, have and haven't seen, and a few I'd never heard of. Sometimes, less really is more.


Click the icons to scroll through the photos of the festival. Threw some film into the mix, too.


Slow Magic Concert at The Roxy Theatre

Slow Magic describes themself as "music by your imaginary friend," and that concept seems even more fitting after shooting their show at The Roxy last night. Of course, anyone that performs in a light up tribal zebra (I think?) mask is gonna have an air of mystery lingering around them. But Slow Magic's ability to command one of the kindest and highest energy crowds I've seen (on a Sunday night, no less) was the stuff of dreams.

Here are some photos I got. Enjoy the magic; I certainly did.

Hundred Waters Concert at El Rey Theatre

Supporting their newest album, Communicating, Hundred Waters played to a consumed crowd at El Rey Theatre on Friday night. It wasn't just their emotionally-stirring-yet-soothing songs that were so consuming; Hundred Waters used this Los Angeles show to debut their new A/V collaboration with Timeboy entitled  'ARRAY'. Having shot other shows featuring visuals by Timeboy, I knew I was in for a treat and was not let down.

Washed Out Concert at White Oak Music Hall

There were a lot of cool things about shooting the Houston stop of Washed Out's Mister Mellow Tour:

  1. Almost five years ago to the day, I used the song "Feel It All Around" in an admittedly shitty video I made of my friends and myself floating the San Marcos River.
  2. This weekend marked exactly one year of shooting at White Oak Music Hall for Pegstar Concerts and the venue alike.
  3. The visuals projected were dope. Taking from the visual album released alongside the audio album, various forms of animation (including collage, claymation, and real-time projection tracking) made the concert a holistic way to experience Mister Mellow and its themes. 
  4. They sold that mf out!

As always, click 'em to see 'em big and on black.

Cirque Noir: Gemini at Post HTX

When I saw an advertisement on Facebook for a "dark, mysterious, musical circus experience" (okay, that may not be a direct quote, but it's close), I was immediately intrigued. After a little research and finding out Cirque Noir's next event, Gemini, was taking place at my favorite avant-garde venue in Houston, Post HTX, I knew I had to shoot all the dark whimsy I could.

I say avant-garde because Post HTX is essentially a repurposed warehouse. And by repurposed warehouse I really mean defunct Cold War-era post office equipped with spy tunnels and bomb shelters. Event organizers have utilized the space in such creative ways, filling it with modern art and light installations, that the industrial concrete and pillars have begun to feel cozy.

Anyway, short story made even shorter, I met up with the guys behind Cirque Noir and then stayed up until sunrise shooting their incredible event (and even got to climb around in those spy tunnels). Check out some of my shots below, and try to resist the temptation to run away with the circus...