family portraits

Michael + Megan | Winery Wedding on 35mm Film

It took every ounce of will power within me not to share the film I shot at my brother and Megan's destination wedding this June. The light, the love, and the breathtaking views of Sonoma Valley - y'all, it's unreal. But Christmas came early and with the surprise albums I made for my family already unwrapped, I finally get to show off photos from what was the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen.

While not part of the official photo team, I couldn't help hanging back and adding my little canon ae-1 to the mix. I've never shot stills at a wedding, so this was a super fun compliment to the video work and engagement sessions I'm used to.

Cheers to Michael and Megan, cheers to film photography, and cheers to you for clicking these and viewing them big and on black (I'm sorry I am so lame).

The Greenups | Engagement + Family Portraits

Love is a magical thing, and there's something pretty damn magical in getting to capture a moment of time in it.

I really lucked out shooting Courtney and Derek's engagement photos a few weeks ago. For one, they so graciously put up with swarms of mosquitos to explore a new location with me. Two, they brought along my favorite little human bean for some family portraits. And three, they laughed and laughed the entire time; reminding me of just how magical love is (and making my job magically easy).

Here are some shots from their family portraits/save the dates/engagement session hybrid. Click them to see them big and on black.

The Nguyens | Studio Family Portraits

I'd always been one of those "let's do all the shoots in all the natures" photographers. That is, until I began working as a Studio Manager at the gorgeous West Studios in the Heights. Watching artist after artist use the space in unique ways to tell their story made me itch to try for myself, and after a bit of play on my own, I finally felt comfortable using the space for a "real" shoot.

When Truc reached out to me to shoot her family portraits over Easter weekend, I knew the light and airy nature of the studio would be a perfect fit. It rained all morning; the skies only clearing in the minutes before they arrived. And in true Houston fashion, it became a humid nightmare shortly after. But inside The West Studios we stayed cool, dry, and comfortable.

Check out some of the images from my session with the Nguyens below (click 'em to see 'em big). If you're interested in booking a session with me at the studio, click here to shoot me a message!