mac demarco

Mac DeMarco Concert at Revention Music Center

The first time I saw and shot Mac DeMarco, the guys admitted to being on the brink of a hangover induced death with the heat that's inevitable at Free Press Summer Fest only making matters worse. Piggy backing off that experience, I went into their set at Revention Music Center expecting a rather mundane live performance. I vastly underestimated how hungover they were that summer day because their opening for Flaming Lips was full of energy and weirdness and spit and debauchery (you read that correctly). 

Photos from the set (sans spit) are below. Click each to see them big.

Mac DeMarco DJ Set at Barbarella Houston

After the Flaming Lips concert, I ran across town, dumped some gear, and ran back across town to Barbarella to catch Mac DeMarco's first ever DJ set. My friends in Night Drive hooked it up giving me all access to the goofy craziness that ensued.

Enjoy; I know I did.

*As an aside, if you ask him to face the light, he might just decide to make the light face him.