self portraits

Making Moves

This is me coping with the fact that I won't have a Houston address soon. This is also me taking advantage of this move returning my bedroom to the austere state I kept it in throughout high school (mattress on the floor in all its cozy glory).

My room was essentially my pseudo-studio from the time I began photography up until I left for college. And seeing that most of my friends reeled at the mention of shooting them, I became my subject. Thus, the era of "Kirby Takes Self Portraits" was born.

This room is where I shot self portraits that helped me develop my style. Learn how to devour and manipulate natural light. Explore expression and photography as a form of therapy. And create images that won statewide accolades.

So it only seems fitting to wrap up my time growing and learning in this room with a few more self portraits. It kinda feels right. It also kinda just feels like I'm in high school again.

Here's a handful of the images.