teragram ballroom

BAYNK Concert at Teragram Ballroom

New Zealand producer and rising artist known for his sensual textures and layered electronic arrangements, BAYNK (aka Jock Nowell-Usticke) transported the crowd at Teragram Ballroom to a dance party on a beach. Los Angeles crowds can be rather stoic at times, but that wasn’t the case Saturday night. The room was at a capacity perfect for letting the music move you.

But on a warm, sunny beach we were not. When not bathing in the blinding light of the LED frame within which BAYNK remained for the entirety of his performance, the room was often pitch black. BAYNK was shrouded in darkness within his picturesque performance space for the majority of the show, a square of lights occasionally silhouetting him from behind.

If you’ve never heard BAYNK, an apt description is the love child of the sounds of Mura Masa and Shallou - chill, at times glitchy, tropical edm. In fact, he’s collaborated with Shallou in the past. The perfect soundtrack for any sun-splashed day, BAYNK’s soundscape skews towards vibes you’d imagine of a poolside DJ. Which is fitting considering one of his most popular tracks, “Poolside”, is about just that. The dance-inducing jam was the second song played in the set.

Classic BAYNK hits like “What You Need” featuring NïKA and “Be In Love” were interspersed among new tracks and surprising covers and remixes to things like “Hotline Bling” by Drake and “Ms. Jackson” by OutKast. One of a slew of producers incorporating saxophone into their live show, BAYNK opted to use it sparingly to add flourishes to already existing melodies.

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Yo La Tengo Concert at Teragram Ballroom

At first glance of the extensive assemblage of instruments on stage, one might assume indie rock trio Yo La Tengo is actually an octet. Prior to the show, murmurs among the crowd indicated many fans were attending both evenings of their two night stay at the Teragram Ballroom, solidifying LA's contingent of the die hard, cult following the band has amassed of the years. 

It was a seasoned crowd for a seasoned band (Ira Kaplan noted the band is so old Downtown LA didn't exist when they started). Murmurs ceased in what became the quietest room inside which I've ever seen a concert. The level of respect shown for the delicately layered orchestration was impressive and reminiscent of that shown when seeing an actual orchestra. More impressive still was the ease with which the members of Yo La Tengo moved between instruments; James McNew from synth to sleigh bells to snare to electric bass to upright bass, Georgia Hubley from drum kit to keyboard or centerstage for vocals. Truly, a game of musical chairs. Songs from their 15th album (that's not a typo), There's a Riot Going On, brought a wash of dream-like ambience to the space. The slow undulation in the complex sonic landscape cast a net of tranquility catching everyone at the venue. 

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Porches Concert at Teragram Ballroom

Porches managed to make a sold out concert at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles feel intimate. Their next stop is SXSW in Austin, Texas before a short run on the east coast and a European tour.

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