LCD Soundsystem Concert at The Hollywood Bowl

On the second of two nights at the Hollywood Bowl with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Young Fathers, LCD Soundsystem brought the dance-friendly sounds of American Dream to the LA masses. Of course, the hits had their moment, too. James Murphy and his cohort worked like scientists in a lab; each at their respective station manipulating their own variables with intense focus, but working for a collective breakthrough. I'd say they found it in the double drop of "Dance Yrself Clean."

On a personal note, it took years of listening and a random night spent watching Shut Up And Play The Hits for me to really let LCD Soundsystem under my skin. But under my skin it's crawled and buried and built a home. This was made all the more apparent in what has become one of my favorite moments since moving to LA. Drunk and dancing in a Venice apartment, celebrating a birthday of someone I still don't know, I froze and nearly crashed like the waves outside the front door. I heard them; those pulsing opening synths to "Someone Great." It was late enough in the night that the people still remaining were randomly taking control of the aux cord, and this song happened to be put on by the guitarist of a band I grew up listening to, have shot multiple times, and somehow get to hang out with from time to time. For the next six and half minutes, the guitarist, my photography mentor, and myself were locked in. Unable to do anything but dance and scream along. And that is the power of James Murphy's ranting lyrics and repetitious melodies. The power of a mad scientist.

Shot for Grimy Goods. Click the photos to scroll through them large. Film fun will be posted later.


ODESZA Concert at Fox Theater Pomona

Bringing their highly theatrical and meticulously crafted live show to a sold out crowd at the Fox Theater in Pomona in between weekends at CoachellaODESZA utilized every second of their set to hypnotize the crowd into dancing. A drumline, horn section, guitarist, and guest vocalist Naomi Wild lent themselves in the creation of a sonic vibe that was truly cinematic. The set was a solid blend of old and new songs expertly reworked and mixed to keep everything fresh. Every detail, from the transitions to the lighting cues, was flawlessly executed. If ODESZA is ever putting on a show even remotely close to you, go.

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Japanese Breakfast Concert at The Roxy

It was so hard to stay away from the Japanese Breakfast concert at White Oak Music Hall that took place during my time back in Houston. If there's an artist in town and I have the opportunity to shoot them, I usually can't say no. But patience is a virtue and I knew just a short time later I'd get to photograph their Los Angeles stop at The Roxy.

Sandwiched between their weekends at Coachella, Japanese Breakfast's Michelle Zauner brought her dreamy, lo-fi indie rock with diary-like lyrics to a sold out crowd. She warned she doesn't get to talk much at Coachella and she intended on making up for it. I doubt anyone minded. Zauner managed to make her between-song banter feel like stand up comedy; a little self deprecating, a little dirty, and constantly circling back to a couple themes - in this case, her love of celebrity sitings and a case of acid reflux brought on by too many chicken wings from Night + Market Song (a stop she made under the recommendation of Khruangbin's Laura Lee). The humor was a nice reprieve from the vulnerability expressed in the songs.

In the middle of the set, the crowd hushed and some of the band left the stage for a series of quieter songs culminating with the crushing "This House". The melancholy vibe didn't last, though; the night ended with a full blown dance party to "Everybody Wants to Love You" with Nathan of And And And lending vocals.

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Hazey Eyes Concert at The Echo

After we ran around the hotel and venue to get some lifestyle and promo shots, Hazey Eyes opened to a sold out crowd at The Echo. Going well beyond holding his own on stage, he had the entire crowd snapchatting his remix of Post Malone's I Fall Apart. This was Hazey Eye's first show in Los Angeles (and only his second time mixing live!) but I can guarantee this won't be his last.

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Slow Magic Concert at The Roxy Theatre

Slow Magic describes themself as "music by your imaginary friend," and that concept seems even more fitting after shooting their show at The Roxy last night. Of course, anyone that performs in a light up tribal zebra (I think?) mask is gonna have an air of mystery lingering around them. But Slow Magic's ability to command one of the kindest and highest energy crowds I've seen (on a Sunday night, no less) was the stuff of dreams.

Here are some photos I got. Enjoy the magic; I certainly did.

Hundred Waters Concert at El Rey Theatre

Supporting their newest album, Communicating, Hundred Waters played to a consumed crowd at El Rey Theatre on Friday night. It wasn't just their emotionally-stirring-yet-soothing songs that were so consuming; Hundred Waters used this Los Angeles show to debut their new A/V collaboration with Timeboy entitled  'ARRAY'. Having shot other shows featuring visuals by Timeboy, I knew I was in for a treat and was not let down.