white oak music hall

Built to Spill Concert at White Oak Music Hall

It’s been a long damn time since the last time I saw/shot Built to Spill. And it’s been a long damn time since I shot downstairs at White Oak Music Hall. I’m glad the first night of my current stint in Houston remedied both of those.

Shot for White Oak Music Hall. Click the photos to scroll through them full size.

CHVRCHES Concert at White Oak Music Hall

It was humid. There were bugs. It was fucking magical. It was a White Oak Music Hall lawn show and it felt like coming home. I had such a lovely time shooting CHVRCHES (in an ALL GIRL PIT!) during my time back in Houston. As always, thanks to the Pegstar and White Oak homies for having me out time and time again.

Click the photos to scroll through them big.

Portugal. The Man Concert at White Oak Music Hall

On the brink of ACL, Portugal. The Man made a stop in Houston to play on the White Oak Music Hall lawn. Opting to project quips about their lack of on-stage banter and computer-generated sounds, the set was hyper-focused on the music; the phenomenal music. Not only were no computers used to make noise, the concert included a string, horn, and woodwind section. To make a good thing even better, Pink Floyd and Beatles covers also happened.

Father John Misty Concert at White Oak Music Hall

Not too long ago, I had a dream Josh Tillman of Father John Misty and I were sat outside the darkroom of my Stanford film photography class deep in conversation waiting for our prints to dry. He was dressed in all white, a solid six inches shorter than myself, and never took off his sunglasses. The details of our conversation have dissolved, like most details of dreams.

A couple nights ago I got to spend some more time with Father John Misty and my camera; this time on the White Oak Music Hall lawn. Check out the shots below.

Young The Giant Concert at White Oak Music Hall

The first time I listened to Young The Giant they were still going by The Jakes and playing a nostalgic song about war with sweeping guitar solos that reverberated inside the walls of the Jeep I'd just gotten for my sweet 16. The first time I saw YTG live I was 19, drunk on summer (and tequila) slinging watermelon juice at Free Press Summer Fest 2012. The first time I shot YTG they were reopening FPSF 2016 after it was shut down from rain. The second time I shot YTG was last night for their last stop on the Home of the Strange Tour to a sold out crowd on the White Oak Music Hall lawn.

So you could say we go way back. As always, click 'em to see 'em big.

Washed Out Concert at White Oak Music Hall

There were a lot of cool things about shooting the Houston stop of Washed Out's Mister Mellow Tour:

  1. Almost five years ago to the day, I used the song "Feel It All Around" in an admittedly shitty video I made of my friends and myself floating the San Marcos River.
  2. This weekend marked exactly one year of shooting at White Oak Music Hall for Pegstar Concerts and the venue alike.
  3. The visuals projected were dope. Taking from the visual album released alongside the audio album, various forms of animation (including collage, claymation, and real-time projection tracking) made the concert a holistic way to experience Mister Mellow and its themes. 
  4. They sold that mf out!

As always, click 'em to see 'em big and on black.

Khruangbin Concert at White Oak Music Hall

Khruangbin loosely translates to "airplane" in Thai. Khruangbin can also loosely be described as a beach psych, Thai funk trio based here in Houston. Having had the pleasure of seeing them for my birthday, I was stoked to get to shoot them opening for Tycho at White Oak Music Hall.

You'll see more of these guys soon, as I'll be shooting them when they play Free Press Summer Fest next month!

Tycho Concert at White Oak Music Hall

If you know me, chances are very good you know Tycho has been an integral soundtrack to my life for the last 6+ years. Whether it's endless hours editing photos and videos, marathon study benders in college, meditative walks, or idyllic train rides across Europe, Tycho has inevitably been playing in the background.

It's a special moment when you get to see such an important component in your life perform live (and I've been incredibly fortunate to do so more than my fair share over the years), so when I got word I'd be covering Tycho's show at White Oak Music Hall I low key lost it. And it's pretty safe to assume I was low key losing it for the entirety of their set.

Here are some shots from the show. Click them to see them big and on black.