2018 in Review | 3D Gifs

I started 2018 with a new toy. And we played, a lot. So here are my favorite 3D gifs/wigglegrams/stereoscopic images I made last year.

From covering my roommate in milk to him covering me in silly string. From Astroworld Festival to Desert Daze to Air + Style. I can’t wait to see where this weird shit takes me this year.

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Desert Daze 2018

A departure from its typical home in Joshua Tree, I made the trek out to Lake Perris in Moreno Valley for (the now inappropriately named) Desert Daze. The irony amplified when the first night was cut short - after Tame Impala was a mere three songs into their set - due to a severe lightning storm. But as the fest’s new saying goes, no lightning no glory; day two and three electrified what remained of the patrons with sets from Slowdive, Kikagaku Moyo, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, Death Grips, My Bloody Valentine (that had a really lame no photo policy), and loads more.

Shot for FLOOD Magazine. Click an icon to scroll through ‘em big. Photos are in reverse chronological order by day (except these 3D gifs).


Spiritualized Concert at The Orpheum

Touring their latest release in six years, And Nothing Hurt, Spiritualized brought grandiose space rock to the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles Wednesday night. The sold out show set to begin at 8 was pushed to 8:30 due to the immense volume of empty seats. As more people arrived, the civility of the patrons was almost overwhelming. The lobby was quiet enough to hold conversation, the lines at the bar tame. With the median age of the crowd easily pushing 35, a percussion section including timpani waiting on stage, and the beauty The Orpheum lends, it wasn’t hard to imagine we were waiting to see the LA Phil.

That placid vibe did not last. Opening with the crashing “Come Together”, people were out of their seats despite signs that advised otherwise. After playing a myriad of other tracks off both Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space and Laser Guided Melodies, the signature morse code of And Nothing Hurt appeared and “Perfect Miracle” began the dive into songs off the newest album.

And Nothing Hurt has been applauded by critics for its ability to connect listeners to the more mundane and pedestrian side of Spiritualized's mastermind Jason Pierce without losing the complex sonic landscape he’s known for. This feat, the ability to make a topic as mundane as lying about a broken cell phone to excuse ghosting someone lush and cinematic, becomes even more staggering upon the realization that (for the first time in his career that spans over 30 years) Pierce conceived and recorded the majority of the album on a laptop in his east London home.

Wednesday’s performance hardly resembled a bedroom composition. Spiritualized was joined by Wordless Music Orchestra (known for live scoring screenings of new and classic films as well as performing with acts such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Flying Lotus, and Oneohtrix Point Never) and the LA-based DC6 Singers to generate that full-bodied, monumental sound they’re known for. This was demonstrated in the expertly cacophonous “On The Sunshine” and the final song of the evening, “Oh Happy Day”.

When you go to as many shows as I do, you have to be pretty religious when it comes to protecting your ears. But there are some shows worth the hearing loss. Some shows are just meant to be felt. This was one of those shows. Sorry, mom.

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Float Fest 2018 | 35mm Film

Back in July I went to a spicy (and by spicy I mean hot as balls) lil festival in San Marcos, Texas called Float Fest. While I went all for me, I can’t NOT take photos along the way. Since the festival revolves around floating a river by day and standing in dusty fields by night, I snagged some disposable cameras so as not to totally trash my gear. These are the results.

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The Night Game Album Release Party at Break Room 86

The Night Game (aka Martin Johnson of the pop rock band you were definitely jamming to in middle school, Boys Like Girls) held their album release party at Break Room 86 a few weeks ago. The only camera I had on hand was my lil film point and shoot, and I’m okay with that.

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New Year, New Toy | Wigglegrams

Ya girl got a new gun. Time to shoot all the three dimensional things!

Interested in making some wigglegrams/3D gifs/stereoscopic goodness together? Hit me up here.

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Michael + Megan | Winery Wedding on 35mm Film

It took every ounce of will power within me not to share the film I shot at my brother and Megan's destination wedding this June. The light, the love, and the breathtaking views of Sonoma Valley - y'all, it's unreal. But Christmas came early and with the surprise albums I made for my family already unwrapped, I finally get to show off photos from what was the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen.

While not part of the official photo team, I couldn't help hanging back and adding my little canon ae-1 to the mix. I've never shot stills at a wedding, so this was a super fun compliment to the video work and engagement sessions I'm used to.

Cheers to Michael and Megan, cheers to film photography, and cheers to you for clicking these and viewing them big and on black (I'm sorry I am so lame).

Westward Bound | Road Trip from Houston to Los Angeles on 35mm Film

When faced with the reality of a 23 hour car ride, I enlisted Anderson to join me in making the most of the American Southwest. Thus, two creatives packed one Subaru and set out on the road.

Three and a half days of podcasts, airbnbs, and spontaneous stops (...Roswell not pictured below) later and we'd made it to California.

Click the photos to see them big. I hope they give you half the wunderlust they give me, even after the fact.